BC: polypropylene pedestals for designers


The Buzon BC pedestal, an artist in the family.

The BC polypropylene pedestal is hard-wearing like all Buzon products, but this one is really the designer's best friend. The Buzon BC pedestal has an adjustable height of 28 to 1130 and a multi-angle head. Your creativity will get a free rein thanks to their fully independent tabs which can be fixed or pivoting. The BC polypropylene pedestal is suited to a range of joint and slab dimensions allowing them to be used with non-standard paving slabs.

The Buzon  BC pedestal is specially recommended for raised industrial floors and water features thanks to its strength and height locking keys.

Slope-correctors can be used where necessary to correct or create slopes of up to 5%, or even 10% in certain situations.

The advantages of the BC pedestal

  • A large choice of joint thickness options
  • Choice of tab heights
  • Pivoting tabs
  • Precision setting thanks to the Inverter system
  • Free tab positioning
  • Can be used with a wide range of different of paving slabs
  • High strength
  • Height setting lock
  • Can be used with a range of joist dimensions
  • Locking clip



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