DPH: the adjustable pedestal for public spaces

The strong and hard-wearing DPH pedestal is the oldest member of the Buzon® pedestal family. Adjustable from 17 to 1070 mm, it is the ideal support for creating public spaces and prestige open spaces.

The DPH pedestal maintains its strength and stability even under heavy and frequent use. Thanks to its reinforced structure, this strong polypropylene pedestal is particularly recommended for use with heavier floor coverings such as large-format concrete slabs.

The advantages of DPH screwable decking supports

Accessories for the DPH series

To make it easier to install your decking pedestals, we offer a full range of accessories to use with DPH pedestals which address the problems often encountered on construction sites

Spacers and equalisers for raised decking

The DPH range of adjustable floor pedestals includes a large range of spacers (of various thicknesses) which adjust the spacing between slabs / paving stones laid over the Buzon® pedestals.

Levellers stabilise the pavement, provide additional acoustic dampening and compensate for variations in the thicknesses of slabs.

The slope corrector is built into the top of the pedestals starting from DPH-02-PH5

DPH adjustable pedestals are a little different from other ranges of decking pedestals. The slope corrector is integrated directly into the top of the pedestal (from pedestal DPH-02-PH5), which thus guarantees complete correction of slopes (from 0 to 5% in intervals of 0.5%).

Installing floor joists on pedestals

We offer several different types of kits for floor joists to help you install raised wooden decking which are fixed directly onto the top of the DPH pedestal

Average number of supports required per m2 of decking*

*Information is provided as a guideline only. The number of pedestals used varies based on the specifics of each project. Buzon® cannot be held responsible for variations in quantity.