PB: adjustable raised floor pedestals for residential terraces

The latest innovation from Buzon®, adjustable raised floor pedestals are perfect for creating residential spaces. Adjustable between 18 and 955 mm, PB adjustable raised floor pedestals are easy and reliable to install and adjust. The enlarged surface area of the PB pedestal top is specially adapted for laying very thick ceramic slabs.

The advantages of PB adjustable raised floor pedestals

Accessories in the PB range

We also offer a wide range of accessories to help you create your raised decking. Whatever the project, we have easy and reliable solutions which address many of the problems encountered on construction sites.

Spacers and levellers to build your raised decking

We provide a wide range of accessories to help you finish off your raised slab decking. We supply a range of spacers (of different thicknesses) which standardise the separation between slabs, guarantee their alignment and facilitate water run-off.

Levellers stabilise the pavement surface, provide additional acoustic dampening and compensate for variations in the thicknesses of slabs.

Slope corrector

We advise you to use a slope corrector when building your decking to compensate for slopes. The slope corrector is an adjustable plate placed underneath the pedestal which allows you to adjust the decking to compensate for slopes.

Joist support

How to build raised decking flooring: Find out about our joist support kit PB-KIT 5 which makes laying your raised wooden decking much easier.

Average number of supports required per m2 of decking*

*Information is provided as a guideline only. The number of pedestals used varies based on the specifics of each project. Buzon® cannot be held responsible for variations in quantity.