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    High performance pedestals for professionals

    Three decades of feasibility reports and on-site consultations all over the world, means that Buzon has built up extensive experience in the raised terrace and esplanade construction sectors.

    We have been invited to confront technical challenges of all kinds, from traditional to innovative projects.

    Why choose Buzon pedestals?

    Cette expérience, nous la mettons au service des artisans et entrepreneurs en quête de qualité.
    We place this hard-earned experience at the service of contractors who insist on quality.

    Whatever the project-type: ceramic, wood, concrete, natural stone, composite materials…, Buzon pedestals guarantee rapid, effective and hard-wearing solutions thanks to our multiple product ranges and accessories.

    High quality products deserve to be installed to the highest standards. This is why Buzon pays special care in ensuring that they are simple and easy to install. Our technical specifications are kept thoroughly up to date to satisfy your needs.

    And the Buzon Sales teams are present in the field, ready to listen to your needs and provide support, advice and training.

    Buzon pedestals also offer:

    • Rapid installation
    • Solutions for all problems and situations
    • Rapid excess water run-off
    • Proven long-life
    • Excellent UV and weather resistance
    • Superior load bearing
    • Better acoustic insulation
    • Better thermal insulation
    • Constant system optimisation
    • Specialised technical support
    • Lightweight structure
    • A means to effectively conceal pipework and technical installations

    The Buzon technical support department is here to help you to find or create solutions to meet all of your specific needs.

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