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    Are you an architect looking for hard wearing and reliable pedestals for your customers’ projects? Are you looking for effective multi-style / multi-configuration terrace, esplanade, roof-terrace, landscaping solutions?

    Since 1987, Buzon has been producing superior quality, adaptable and innovative pedestals. And with them Buzon provides complete professional client support.

    Why should you choose Buzon pedestals?

    Buzon pedestals, as well as their accessories, have been designed to meet the requirements and standards of the world’s markets. Their mechanical characteristics have been evaluated and certified subject to official standards.

    Buzon pedestals also offer:

    • A means to effectively conceal pipework and technical installations
    • Excellent structural movement absorption
    • Reduced mass
    • Flat and accessible paving
    • Rapid water run-off
    • Better thermal insulation
    • High strength
    • Better acoustic insulation
    • Rapid installation

    The Buzon technical support department is here to help you to find or create solutions to meet all of your specific needs.

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