Tile Support at a wall edge

The U-EDGE is an adaptable edge support that can be used with all ranges of Buzon® pedestals. Due to its design it creates a quick and easy solution to complete the installation at the edge of a terrace. It can be used with any size of spacer tab and all shapes of paving.

The U-Edge is an accessory allowing installation of small cuts of paving (from 2 cm upwards) around the perimeter. The small cuts are supported by the U-Edge, which can be screwed in place on the head of the pedestal providing a solid solution.


  • The U-Edge creates a space between the paving slab and wall keeping an even gap and enabling water flow which protects the terrace in the case of heavy rainfall, snow etc.
  • With its flexible tile retainers, the U-Edge can be installed on terraces of any shape: angular, curved etc. which makes installation easier and more efficient.
  • It is also possible to remove the tile retainers to adapt the U-Edge to work with all types of terrace layout.
  • The U-Edge is also used with our PB-KIT-8 universal fastening.



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