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Aluminium Joist

U-BRS-24-WOOD-B aluminum joists allow and facilitate the installation of wooden or composite boards. The time saved and the increased stability of the structure will delight professionals. The joist is 24 mm high.

The support for U-BRS-24-WOOD-B joists, PB-KIT-2, is required for fixing the joists on the BUZON pedestals in the PB range. The PB-KIT-2 is fixed on the pedestal by simply pressing. Once it is installed on the pedestal, just press the joist onto the pedestal and shaped base of the joist fixes automatically while allowing the pedestal to slide under the joist for optimal positioning.

The wooden boards and their fastenings are not supplied by Buzon ! Our aluminium joist system is compatible with most wooden or composite boards and fastenings. We advise you to request more information from your wooden board supplier.

The joists exist with (U-BRS-24-WOOD-B) and without coating (U-BRS-24-WOOD-M).

The advantages of anodisation:

  • Avoids reflections
  • Surface resistance (to scratches, scuffing, etc.)
  • Resistance to erosion
  • Resistance to atmospheric pollutants
  • Resistance to corrosion (corrosive elements are chlorine, wet concrete, sea water, sand and salt)


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