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    Our pedestal ranges

    Buzon terrace pedestals


    Buzon floor pedestals are adjustable height, making them suitable for the construction of raised terraces up to 1120 mm in height.

    There is a range of levelling accessories which can correct the level by up to 5%; and in some cases 10%. These adjustable floor pedestals can be used with different types and forms of terrace coverings.

    Uses for adjustable pedestals

    The Buzon range of pedestals includes 3 series: PB, BC, DPH

    The different ranges of Buzon adjustable floor pedestals can be used in many different domains of application. These include: domestic terraces, roof-top terraces, landscape design, fountain terraces, podiums, tents, raised technical floors for chemical, mechanical, metal-working and offshore industrial use…

    Advantages of Buzon pedestals

    The quality of our polypropylene adjustable terrace floor pedestals guarantees their resistance to the elements, ageing, UV rays, climate variation and, in some cases, high winds.

    Buzon floor pedestals frequently receive the “Green Product” label for using recycled polypropylene in their manufacture.