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    When Claude Buzon founded Buzon Pedestal International 30 years ago, he revolutionised the world of terrace support systems.

    And our product family has continued to grow ever since: thanks to the dedication and support of Claude’s children, Laure and Laurent, no less than four generations of terrace pedestals have since been introduced on the market. Our mission? Make every effort to help our customers to transform their outdoor areas into genuine living spaces.

    And we have done this by building on our solid foundations. Ever since we first set up our family company in the Hauts Sarts industrial park, we have continually worked to build up its network; we now have 25 partners covering 50 countries. Confidence is one of our key values and we have cultivated and nurtured it with each new project: always taking care to listen to our customers and undertake each project with fresh enthusiasm.

    Recycled and recyclable pedestals

    We categorically reject the idea of immobility, even if our business is about providing stability solutions. Innovation is a key factor which constantly drives Buzon forwards, pushing us to develop ever more adaptable and effective products.

    The environment is especially important to us. We use recycled raw materials to manufacture 100% recyclable terrace pedestals. We are working to reduce our carbon footprint and to take that even further: we are compensating the remaining impact by planting trees in Madagascar. We are very proud to be able to say that we currently have a neutral carbon impact.

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