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    Environmental commitment

    CO2 neutral 

    Environmental commitment

    Considering current preoccupations with climate change, we have decided to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

    This is not just a question of measuring and managing our energy consumption. It has become an absolutely necessity to implement a genuine carbon emission reduction strategy within our company.

    In collaboration with CO2 Strategy, we have decided to calculate our carbon footprint in order to reduce it where possible and then compensate for the rest.

    Our performance

    In 2015 our activity produced 1,568 tons of CO2 emissions.


    Engagement environnemental PDF

    The reduction of our CO2 emissions

    We are now proud to offer 100% recyclable products made with recycled raw materials.
    There is little room left to improve this further.

    For the rest, over the next three years we will:

    • Collaborate with ASBL SWATD to manage and sort our waste products.
    • Implement a home-working policy for staff living far from our premises.
    • Optimise sales representative travel.
    • Use glass rather than plastic containers in our offices (mugs, cups).
    • Work with local suppliers.
    • Prioritise sea-transport options for our pedestals.

    Compensating our carbon footprint

    Reducing our CO2 emissions as much as possible would involve ceasing our activities, which is evidently impossible. For the remainder we have decided to collaborate with the NGO Graine de Vie and their tree planting programs in Madagascar.

    “The aim of the Belgian NGO Graine de Vie is to build up awareness about the necessity to compensate for ecological impact by planting trees in developing countries. During its first 7 years of existence, Graine de Vie has facilitated the planting of over 5,000,000 trees!”
    Source : CO2 Stategy, 2016.


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