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    Social commitment

    Together Everyone Achieves More – TEAM

    Social commitment

    Together Everyone Achieves More.

    Our team spirit and ethical values constantly drive us to invest internally for the well-being of our staff in the workplace.

    Our future offices have been specifically designed to meet this drive:

    • Numerous meeting rooms, of all sizes, for increased collaboration and creativity.
    • The latest IT equipment for optimum work efficiency.
    • Office furniture specially designed for seated work but also encouraging the upright position.
    • A pleasant and friendly canteen where everyone can take their meals in a friendly environment.
    • A gymnasium: health and a good physical condition are prerequisites for good work.
    • A rest-room for group cohesion and relaxation during times of stress.

    Be so good, they can’t ignore you – Steven Martin.

    Engagement sociétél 360x270

    It is the responsibility of Buzon to place the highest importance on our staff, for they are the ones who need to push our projects forwards on a daily basis. This is why our management method aims to be increasingly collaborative and built on the individual talents of each staff-member. Thanks to the Gallup “Strengthfinder”, test, our staff have discovered their five main talents and work to develop them every day. Discover the talents of our staff-members. Discover the talents of our staff.

    Solidarity, respect and tolerance.

    These values also lead us to call on occupational workshops for the packing of our levelling systems. These workshops help towards the reinsertion of individuals into the work environment.